Ever since I started blogging, that’s 6 months ago, I have never interviewed anybody. My blog posts were all about me, myself and I. So this time I decided since my blog is just a mixed bag of everything why don’t I just try it out.

My first ever interview! I got the opportunity to get to know more about John Cole, a top Zimbabwean choreographer, artist and dancer teacher.  There’s so much to know about him. He might have been interviewed before but I tried to go on my own direction and asked what I really wanted to know about his career and life in general.

Here’s what he told me:

John you have many titles to your name and have danced at so many events and choreographed some of the best videos in Zimbabwe, I just want to know how you manage all that?

Oh wow its a loaded question 🤣 well its by the grace of God and hard work that gets one places including the two key element professionalism and delivery with each successful event comes more calls to work on different projects locally and regionally. Just grateful for each project as it Is an experience and challenge creativity as each demands a different approach and angle.

Highly energetic guy with some moves

How long have you been dancing?

Oh wow close to about 14 years I think 
Dancing I would say 14 
Professionally under 7 years or so after changing my operations and working with new program within the music and dance industry.

How has been your experience so far?

Its a wild ride no lie the amounts of time put into the craft as being very unbelievable with wins and losses mostly wins 🤣 but hey what’s good career with a back story for the ages. Working with artists, corporates and many entities has served as a big eye opener its just like a dream but with extra seats.

So is there a difference between John Cole the choreographer and just John on an ordinary day?

Yes! Oh yes there is… The choreographer is always working an angle or working on the next big thing. John Cole is more family and chill TV, travel of just general hang out. I like to sleep a lot given the chance.

Lets talk about your relationship with Ammara, you guys seem to have come a long way. How did it begin?

Hahahahaha its one of a kind my guy one of a kind we met 6 or so years ago at a wedding, funny enough we met 4 or so more times prior to the wedding and we just were like oh hey nothing much to it as one artists acknowledges the other in the same space as we were always performing at the same event or attending. Her then manager Benny Bismark  from BB version said Ammara then young man seems to be in the same place and his always dance why don’t y’all work together, we met outside the venue had a chat she gave me her song titled sugar daddy then and we worked on it and well let’s just day she was impressed and the rest is history made and goals smashed in terms of Videos and performances as the golden team. Sweet journey ever since we have had each others back and always pushing the other to do better. In short of our relationship we have become family. 

Thats beautiful! Okay so Kudzi and Brian Mungate’s wedding! All the way in Philippine.Tell me about that

That was the work of a multi award winning lawyer named Haatsari based in Australia, I did her wedding prior and she was impressed cause I pulled it off in 3 days and resounding success all round. She called one day and said how would you like to choreography a wedding in the Philippines and I was like don’t play with me but the super lady proved me wrong and that was my breakthrough and ever since then I have be globetrotting ever since as she was the key to opening international doors for me as now others have taken up the course of action for weddings and workshops and concerts.

Time well spent in the Philippines!

Bless her soul! So It seems you’re a big brand now. You deal with big organizations and individuals, and I understand sometimes people don’t always agree on certain things and it turns sour. How do you protect the brand John Cole?

There is no right answer to this one all I can say is always work in Harmony with others if anything or something happens its best one just tries to fix or leave of as is and hope for the best on both sides that nothing else gets affected by this issue. Its life after all. We can control our actions but not others. 

Wise words coming from a wise guy! Anyhow, Can Mrs Cole dance?

Yes she can we do a lot of dancing in our house as a couple and as a family.

I envy her! And the little ones?

The little ones Avant and Duncan at super mania dancers and have performed with me, Avant has opened my show at Ammara Brown launch ft Mr Eazi it was sight and together also performed at my first ever concert John Cole Unplugged and they gave the crowd a show to remember. 

Oh wow! You must be a proud dad! Who wouldn’t be haha. So Have you ever considered modelling? I mean you’re tall and slim, the perfect model body! And you’re light skinned to, isn’t that the recipe?

Yes I have and I have for few entities and light skin isn’t the recipe amana 🤣 its just what comes your way when it does 

Dance teacher you are! I’m sure it can be stressful teaching someone like me who got two left feet how to dance. How do you handle stress?

Yes sometimes it is but as a teacher one must find the possible movement for learner and get best results and we have succeeded big time hence #dancewithjohncole narrative

Foodie also?

What does a John Cole normal day look like?

Rehearsals, meetings with potential clients, management meetings, dance performances and planning for next couple events. 
Non working day would be just chilling.

Its 16 Days of Activism, what message do you have for anyone out there who has been affected by GBV

I would say stay strong hold steady and be brave and bold never give up on changing your life.

Thank you so much for your time John. Hope you continue flourishing and doing great. We just want your social media handles for when we want to reach out or stalk you hahaha

@johncoleofficial IG @iamjohncole Twitter

I gave up my dream!

If you know me well, then you prolly know that music is a biggest part of my life. I listen to music to fall asleep. I listen to music when im cleaning the house. I listen to music when im going through stuff. I listen to music at work. Even in the loo i listen to music! I mean i love music. I do not have a particular genre i say i love so much, though im an old school lover. I just love good music, loud or soft. Dancehall, RnB, Hiphop though, when i was growing up i thought hiphop and RnB were just one and the same thing. Still trying to get rid of my belief.

So i grew up listening to a lot of music. I was never the watching television typa baby. I just loved music. So if you know me well you prolly know how much i loved radio. I wont lie to you like most people do, that i discovered my dream at a very young age coz i didnt! I always knew i loved listening to radio but i didn’t know i wanted to be on radio. I only discovered this when i was older.

I remember my Mum, the queen of my heart 😍, went around telling people that i was working at a radio station as a news reader. Damn, that woman knew! People came to me on some, we heard you on radio. I dont know who they heard who had a voice like mine but im sure that person got a beautiful radio voice.

Feba took me in and taught me a lot. Im forever indebted!

I’ve always been somebody who comes up with very great ideas but to initiate them has always been a problem. I do not have that kind of influence to make people listen to me. I mean im just Liz. The girl from outside of Harare. The girl who sees a Welcome to Harare sign whenever she goes to town. If i post on social media nobody will even notice.

So back in the day, in my early 20s, i came up with my idea and i contacted some media personalities via Twitter. Thankfully they responded with their email addresses and we started communicating. I will withhold their names for now coz of what happened later. They then linked me to Tendai Madondo. Set up a meeting and i sure went there coz i wanted it to happen so much. Unfortunately i was told i needed a certain amount of money to do what what. Cool! But before i left she was like “You have a great radio voice. A very good one actually. Come with me I wanna see if you can do a voiceover”. I will never forget these words. Thats how i became a voiceover artist.

Went into the other studio, she introduced me to Tony. Trust me Tendai is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. I met Tony, im talking about Tony G (im sure older folks who listened to radio back in the day knows him). When i spoke to Tony, the next thing he said was “Young lady, you have an amazing voice”. Guys i was over the moon! I mean being told by two media gurus that i had a great voice was something i didnt expect. I had gone to pitch my idea, but i left with a happy heart. So what happens when they want voiceover artists is they call for people then train them how to do it then next thing you are recording. Its not a one day typa thing. But your girl did it in one day. Im a natural like that. He asked me to get in the booth, we read lines a couple times. I failed other things but won on others. I have this accent, im not sure where i picked it coz I’ve always been a ghetto kid, so it was hindering my progress. But it took me less than 2 hours to finish my first ever voiceover.

I got home and started thinking about everything then it hit me that i actually wanted to be a radio presenter! I was a natural radio person. They made it possible for me to discover what i actually wanted. What i was passionate about. But i had a challenge! I had no media qualifications. Still don’t. But that didn’t stop me from pursuing my newly found dream. So from that day i started working towards that passion.

Oh i had forgotten about this one time i almost made it to talk radio at Zifm

We watched the likes of Bassie, Bonang, etc when we were growing up so thats where i drew my inspiration. Went online to read more about them and how they did it(guess I’ve always been a researcher). I learnt a lot before i jumped in honestly.

Presenter Search Zimbabwe! This was Mac Mandisoul and Miss V Candy’s show. Its one of the best ideas that ever came out just that it didn’t go as planned coz funding might have been the problem, but well im glad i took part coz i met some amazing people. Donovan, Hazel, Tawanda Timbe, Darren, to name but a few. Some of these people went on to do great in their lives. Look at Don, he’s doing amazing! Miss Rach too! V Candy always reminded me of how great my voice was. I was forever in awe coz her voice is on point. Learnt a lot from those guys. Unfortunately i had to drop out because of some reasons. And i started auditioning to be a radio presenter.

Had a show once! I had the most amazing co-host ever!

Let me tell you about my auditioning days! One thing i need to tell you is, im a very confident person. You know the confidence that comes with money? Yes thats the kind of confidence i have but im just poor. Yall thought i was rich? Hell no. So i got my ticks in check. Radio voice ✔. Face for tv ✔. Accent not so bad ✅. Confidence ✔. Researcher ✔. Authenticity ✔✔. All these are attributes of a good radio presenter. So i was within! But i also have fears. I dont do well when im being tested. I dont do well in a box. What i mean is audition settings are like a box to me and i dont do well in them. Especially if i know the judges!

My first ever audition was at Power fm which also was my worst audition ever. I knew all the judges. They didnt know me but i grew up listening to most of them. I knew how big they were in the industry. That only intimidated me. When i walked in and saw them, i lost it. I couldn’t feel my legs and arms. Yeah thats how bad it is for me. You remember the confidence that comes with money? It also goes with my fears. Strength also leaves me. I stummered the whole time. It was just disaster! But i met Ashley Wenyika. Such a humble soul.

My favorite audition was for Capitalk. Yeah i did go. Innit i told you i was determined to get this radio gig. Arrived very early at Cresta lodge (near where i live so it was an advantage for me). I remember i was sitting next to Ashraf Tikiwa. The Ash Tikiwa who does Sport on Star fm. Yea him. He was once at Capitalk. Thats how i met him, we spoke for a while after that audition until he got the job, he dissappeared! And oh i met Ruvimbo Chakoreka, the sports guy at Capitalk. This one I knew him from the previous Power Fm audition. Anyway this audition was amazing. I didn’t know any of the judges. I also gave myself sometime to breath. What we did was, we went in 4s. Given a script, a munute of choosing then would begin to read one by one. Since me and Ash were sitting next to each each we went in together with two other dudes. I was the only girl. I respresented! I slayed it and so did Ash. Unfortunately the other two didn’t. So after reading they would pick those who did great then you would do a freestyle. Ash’s freestyle was in steroids! After that, they said they would contact us in 3days. They sure did.

In their email they said we had to read on current affairs because we were going to write a mini test to test our knowledge on current affairs. Remember Capitalk is a talk radio station so it was understandable and expected. Spent 2 good days reading newspapers, googling, reading books and articles. That was like school all over again. Didn’t like the experience! I’ve never been a school person.

Went there for the exam, Jameson hotel. First time to ever go there. The exam was an EXAM! Fam the questions were simple but tricky. People were confused by small things like ‘who was the first president of Zimbabwe’. It was quite an experience i tell you. They only wanted 10 people out of 200! Just imagine. Im sure that was a touch selection for them. Im glad i made it that far. Im glad i did that. Im proud of me coz many didnt make it past the audition stage! Im told about 1000 people auditioned but only 200 made it. I was part of the 200! So thats how i didnt make it to Capitalk radio

Did i ever tell you about the time i walked away before i auditioned just because one of the judges was Tony G? No? Don’t worry, its a story for another day. But i didnt audition coz i couldn’t do it in front of Tony! He’s a big name and i wasnt about to embarrass my self in front of such a big name.

Anyway after auditioning for years, both for television and radio, and still not getting a chance, especially when people keep telling you that you are good, you end up losing interest. That happened. I slowly started losing interest. Friends would send me audition calls but would just decide not to go. At first i would feel bad for not showing up coz my moto was ‘no matter what, just show up’. This was my passion but i was running out of love. I was tired. I told myself i had tried but it had failed.

So with time i grew to believe what i had told myself that i had done the best i could but it wasnt going to happen. I had tried but still failed. It was now time to let go. I sat down at home to make this decision. I cried coz i wanted it so much. This was what i wanted but it was just no going to happen. I had to talk to my family and friends to accept my decision. Trust me, i have a great support system. If i decide i want to be a stripper tomorrow they still will support my bad habbits.

So thats how i gave up my dream to become a radio presenter. Oh and i even stopped listening to the radio. It was too heartbreaking for me. Traumatizing to say the least. I’ve been doing okay. When i see kids getting in radio im actually happy for them. Im grateful for people like Pineapple and Karen who gave me the opportunity to co-host with them on their shows. Feba which took me to just fulfill my dream. Im forever thankful of everything that i ever encountered in my journey. I took like a 360 degrees turn. If i tell you what i do now, you will be surprised. But i am happy.

Anyone who gave up on their dream? Tell me your experience. How did you decide you couldn’t go on. No love stories lol. I have heard a lot of those.

Anyway dont be like me. Dont give up on your dreams. Thrive to do better than your sisy. Keep on keeping on. Until next time. Ciao!!😍😊

When its Right, it Feels Right!

Once i was in a relationship where i constantly i asked myself if he even loved me. I wasnt so sure if i was loved or not. I kept wanting to do things to see if he loved me. Constantly asking “do you love me?”. I ignored the fact that love should never be questioned and that i was watering a dead plant.

You dont have ask if he loves you or not. You dont have to question if he cares about you or not. You dont have to worry about your person if it is true love.

Everything they do will reaffirm you. Everything they do will constantly remind you of how they feel about you. There’s no need for you to be sneaking around to find the truth. It should be clear like water.

Same goes for friendships. Why question if wether or not you’re in one accord or not. If you mean something to them then no questions should be asked.

Relations are a two way thing. It takes two to tango. The moment you start questioning and unquestioning yourself about the next person, then know that its a dead relation! Listen honey, your friend or lover who actually loves you or cares about you, will never leave you in the dark. They will never want you to question their actions. Will never want you to doubt their intentions. Its only those shady relationships were you got to wait for him to sleep so that you check his/her phone. Those fucked up friendships were they choose to be with you when they want favours.

All im saying is, the moment you start questioning, honey walk away! Im saying this with good intentions. You’re not needed there. Why are you wasting part of your life trying to chase people who obviously dont deserve your attention? Im sure there’s a person out there for you (i found mine after ages, hey babe😊) who will make you smile. A person who will love you to an extent that you wont have to question. A friend who will be there for you, you wont have to worry (thank God im my best friend’s best friend😊. Hey Nguva) .

So there’s this Shona saying that says ukakwira mugomo uchitsvaga nyoka unodzoka wakaibereka. I’ve just been thinking of that saying and realised that I’ve never actually checked this guy’s phone😂. Except for the times i use it to play games. Should i do it one day though? Maybe! I mean the guy doesnt even put a password on is phone! Anyway my heart tells me there’s nothing to worry about. But then, im an African woman, the only way he should know that we are fine is when i constantly doubt him and accuse him of cheating. So im never going to tell him that i trust his ass. Anyway its not about him, its about when you start feeling some tupperware about yours truly.

Anyways all im saying is, when its right, it feels right! You wint doubt or question. It just feels right. I hope that we all find the kind of person who we won’t doubt

Tell me your story..

I think its high time i admit that im attracted to real life stories of famous people. How it started, what they did, failures, how they chose their career paths, etc. I just love that iish. I mean it draws me in. It inspires me even when i dont know these people on a personal level, i feel close to them. These are my top four favorite books by celebs I’ve read so far.

We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union. The wine part of the title caught my attention. I mean im a lover of things what do you expect. I loved how she expressed herself. I loved how she opened up about her life and growing up as an Afro-American. I admired the way she tackled the idea of beauty and white supremacy. Who puts yoghurt in her vagina though😂

We kinda had a discussion over there by the Avid Readers Book Club and interesting thoughts came out. Below:

[10/06, 22:05] +: in Zim the racism is not that obvious as out there
[10/06, 22:11] C: Yeah,you would only know if you go out there
[10/07, 01:26] 👑❣: We have full blown tribalism
[10/07, 04:53] +2: ,yup but i’m yet to see any of the different tribes we have go to the extremes of changing mannerisms,cadence to fit in like Mrs Wade did in Pleasanton.Also the issue of basically living a double life,switching on your blackness when you with your black folk and turning into Super Negro when you came in contact with ‘master’ his offspring and kin
[10/07, 05:37] 👑❣: Double standards are real in Africa shuu
[10/07, 05:37] 👑❣: Social media will show you flames
[10/07, 05:40] 👑❣: She wanted to act white. She wanted to present herself as white so as to fit in to an extent of wanting to ignore a fellow negro. I think she tried too hard to be what she wasn’t
I think the redefinition of beauty has killed our black people. White supremacy is taking over. Not just in black communities but also look at Chinese people its sad
[10/07, 05:40] 👑❣: The best part for me was when she talked about bullies on sosho media
[10/07, 05:54] +2: i concur but in Africa we have quote unqoute real problems to solve so these particular problems about optics and what not are the least of our concerns
[10/07, 05:58] +2: do you think she was in denial about the bad deeds people she knew in Omaha did?Where she said they were good people who never changed,the situation around them did
[10/07, 05:58] 👑❣: Darling, have you seen Khanyi Mbau of late?
[10/07, 05:59] +2: i have lol
[10/07, 05:59] +2: she got rich,nolonger had ‘real problems’ and adopted those
[10/07, 06:01] +2: i am not taking away from Mbau’s problems but she is the Queen of shock value,i remember when Khanyi said ‘all you girls calling me out for showcasing my sexuality and going out with older men are broke while that very same sexuality has brought me all this opulence’
[10/07, 06:03] +2: all i am saying is a kid in rural africa might have an identity crisis but the hunger in her belly and the 3km walk to school will make her disregard those.Granted these mental issues will rear their ugly head in future but in her present she is just trying to survive
[10/07, 06:04] +2: These homies signed to Kwesta even coined a term for it ‘Nice Life Problems’
[10/07, 06:08] +2: I get you ma’am a hundred percent lol but is that the norm in Africa or its socialites and celebs.The unfortunate thing is whites know black culture is cool so they take it,repurpose it then sell it to us as theirs.I dont know how many artforms were invented by black folks only for white folk to come and say ‘heeeeey this will only go far with my say so’
[10/07, 06:08] +2: the Khanyi and Mshoza issue kinda reminds me of Nervous Conditions though
[10/07, 07:19] 👑❣: Its the it thing for like 80% of African people. One way or the other one thinks whites are better than blacks thats why most people prefer weaves and wigs and face powders
Thats why we have standardized English as our official language
[10/07, 07:19] 👑❣: Its deeper than you can ever imagine
[10/07, 07:20] 👑❣: Khanyi is just a young Mshoza

Quite an interesting book that sparked quite an interesting discussion. I loved it!

Becoming by Michelle Obama! As she went on round and round narrating how she became who she is today, i loved her vivid narration. Even a layman like me understood proper.

From A to B by Bonang Matheba. Pink with a beautiful Bonang picture thats so captivating. If you’re a Bonang fan these are the little things you notice first. I couldn’t put this one down. Maybe because i love B or because i could relate to a lot of things in that book, i dont know! She talked about how she kept sending demos and not getting any response. How she never gave up on that dream. How she was so hungry to be more and do more. One day i will tell you my story also, but the difference is i gave up my dream😂.

Bassie- My Journey of Hope by Basetsana Kumalo. This was an early birthday gift from my dearest friend Melody. I had to tell yall. I just started reading it and im so excited! You need to grab you a copy of this book guys. Its her journey from the beginning. She includes her struggles to start a family, im sure some people can relate. She talks about getting married and having problems conceiving. Miscarriages and expectations of the society. I mean, its a story well told! Grab you a copy and read for yourself!

So i will go sit there in that corner with my shades on while sipping some Sweet Lips and rereading these books while i wait for my fellow female Zimbabweans to give us something. Ehm @Misred something? @Ruvheneko anything please? Oh and @Lochnation im sure she got a lot to tell. @MaKupsy how far?

Im ready to read about a Zimbabwean stories by a female!

Failed Gender Dis-aggregation?

I am furious. I want to say it out. I have no voice at all but i am sure yall can help me understand why. Zimbabwe is bad as it is, i do not know why yours truly has to add on to this but it keeps getting worse!

So yours truly, through the chief secretary, appointed a few senior officers in the president’s office and cabinet and line ministries. That aint a problem to me. My problem is that, not a single woman was elected as a permanent secretary or head of secretariat, NOT EVEN THE MINISTRY OF WOMEN’S AFFAIRS!!!!!!! How on earth is this possible?

This whole thing just takes me back to the fact that our statistics are shocking to say the least. Did you know that we have over 1k councilors in this teapot shaped country? But less than 300 are female councilors and more than 800 are males? I don’t know the circumstances, but is it us or we are just never given the opportunity to take part?

Also did you know we have over 100 government parastatals boards. In those boards males dominate? Did you know this? There are a few boards i could name where there’s no female representation at all.

Do we not talk about gender equality? Did we not mention that we wanted a 50/50 balance? Not just in the parliament but in every government sector! Parastatal boards are the other sectors we were referring to right?Whats up with this public and private transcript? Especially the private transcript because all we ask for is just on theory never practical

Please go tell YOURS TRULY that i am not impressed!!!!!

Sisy did the travels!

Yo! Yo!

This is the greeting you get from somebody who did the travels. November is coming up yall lol. Is traveling included in that nothing should be done in November package? Im not sure also but just to be sure!

So your sisy did the travels, thanks to the Anti Sanctions Day set aside by yours truly. Sisy decided to take some time off from the Harare drama and traveled to the Eastern Highlands. This is the only time that sisy gets to show off. Sisy was looking good btw. Her hair! You will see it all here.

Sisy will start from her departure from Harare to the point where she touched down. And btw sisy had only been to Mutare once before this unplanned trip. Sisy traveled at night that time. So this might seem silly but sisy was excited coz she travelled during daytime this time around. And fyi that time sisy didn’t use the Harare-Mutare route so it was all so new to her.

Energy update: please when you travel this time of the year, carry water! Stay hydrated! The number of people who asked me for water ka😭. I am not mean so i gave them but most of them didn’t have bottles, they were ready to share my bottle 😭. Had to dispose my beloved bottle. Please carry water so as to avoid inconveniences. Water is a must coz its super hot.

So you fools never told your sisy that Marondera got a whole university? Not only Marondera, but Mutare also? Sisy knew there was Africa University but Mutare Uni? That was a shocker. Sisy needs to update her database clearly.

Also sisy doesn’t understand why yall talk about Surrey Pies and forget to mention that theirs even a chillspot for Braai in Marondera. The Surrey braai spot? Yall defeat me to the bone. And you Marondera fools never told me that you got the biggest Strawberries. Innit the purpose of social media is to share stories about your cities and towns?

Sisy thought Macheke is some place near Mukandapi in Chiredzi there lol. Please don’t be like sisy. Travel so that you wont have to assume things or places. I swear i would have told Priyanka and Laurileigh that Macheke is in Chiredzi. We all cant tell our kids that we dont know certain things ka. I dont wanna look like a dunderhead.

Rusape got Driptech! We taking them tanks kuMaruwa. My heart was full when i saw that billboard.

Anyways sisy got in Mutare at around 20:30 because she hiked. Typical sisy style. Sisy’s hosts were not playing. Sisy had passed through Christmas pass on her way but the Hosts drove sisy back to show and explain the view to her once again!

Okay Manicaland people please come here and balance Sisy small small, what it is you are always obsessing about when it comes to Christmas Pass? Sisy doesn’t get it honestly. Sisy was obviously not drawn by it all. I mean its just viewing the city from a higher point innit? Manicaland people, please don’t sell people dreams. Sisy thought the Christmas pass had Christmas lights on the sides of the road just for just ka. Its the second time i was disappointed by Christmas pass. Stop it yall!

Okay Sisy must admit that the water situation in Mutare is not as bad as that of Harare. The Host’s location gets water almost on a daily basis, or it was for the days that Sisy was in the city. Innit the whole country was in the Anti Sanctions mood? Even the power situation is manageable. Whoo Zesa is doing the things in Harare.

Bvumba! Fun was had yall. And Harare people and your other cousins from the other cities, please stop calling it Vumba! Its called Bvumba okay? Thank you.

Beautiful scenery. As beautiful as sisy yall. Sisy admitted that Christmas pass isn’t all that but the other parts of Manicaland are beautiful. I mean cities are different but so far for sisy Mutare got beautiful scenery! Sisy loves Harare but Mutare is beautiful!

Sisy visited a few lodges and a few fine places coz a single weekend aint enough to exhaust the whole of Manicaland.

Prince Of Wales

Prince of Wales, was sisy’s first stop. Okay sisy didn’t like the name at all because sisy believes in Localized everything. A Manyika name would have done did the trick. But well who cares except for sisy? But besides the name sisy loved the scenery. From that point one can see the border point and a small part of Mozambique. Sisy has got a fear of heights so she didn’t actually enjoy this scene, but it was a beautiful scene.

Nyachowa Falls

Okay, we’ve all heard of Bvumba, Mutarazi, etc. All those beautiful sites in Manicaland but Nyachowa falls? If you are not from that side i swear you wouldn’t have known unless you visited. Breathtaking little spot covered by trees. Guys its so beautiful! I dropped a tear or two. God did the things guys. You need to just go there and see for yourself.

Eden Lodge

There’s a swing! Sisy loves swings guys. Half the time sisy was on the swing whilst her hosts did their rounds. Apparently the lodge is owned by a politician. Eden lodge is part of the Eden Leisure Group. It offers 12 lodges, all with DSTV and fire places. 2 honeymoon suites and family accommodation too. Sisy did the askings. The only thing that bothered sisy was, there was no water in the pool. The receptionist blamed Zesa. As usual!

Leopard Rock hotel

Sisy was sun kissed yall! See that glow? Is it showing that sisy was having the time of her life? I guess it is. There’s the Leopard rock mountain. If you climb it, which sisy did, you will see the lodge from a higher point. And its magnificent! The view is just breathtaking. You can also see the Mozambique side coz its higher.

The Leopard Rock hotel

The lodge was well build. If it was a location it would be Brooke lol. Sisy enjoyed taking a tour around

Sisy’s cameraman was ready to capture every moment and sisy was ready for it. Sisy’s driver aka host was also not in a hurry so he stopped every corner, mountain, pool, etc for optics. Sisy had the time of her life.

Manicaland is a beautiful place. Yall should visit. But sisy excludes the Christmas pass. There’s nothing to see there!

Happiness in a picture 😂

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When i first noticed my piles i didn’t know what they were because i was only 10. Went to the loo and noticed things coming out of my anus. And my poop had blood. In my mind, poop with blood was a normal thing (i know it sound stupid, but i was only 10, so please go roll your eyes elsewhere). But the “things” coming out i wasnt so sure. I thought i was going to lose all my intestines and that frightened me to the core. I’ve always been the overthinking and over analysing guy mind you. Long story short, i hid it from my mom until i was like 13. That was 3 years later. I couldn’t continue coz there’s a point you cant hide them coz they can be terribly painful. But for a kid i think i did a great job of hiding them lol (if you’re judgey then you shouldn’t be here please).

So im here as a Mum, sister, lover, wife(im wife material) and gangster to share the little information i know about piles. First of all i want to clarify this so that you can go on and tell your grannies and aunties in our Shona society that Sare and Piles are two different things. They are in different categories. This is a fact.

I will start by defining piles. Piles are swollen veins in the lower part of the anus or rectum. They are a collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. They contain blood vessels, muscle and elastic fibres. They are also known as Haemorrhoids. I cant even pronounce that properly, hence i prefer to use the word Piles.

Piles are mostly common in adults but children may get them too. They can be terribly painful! The unfortunate part is they are hereditary. They occur when the veins around the anal region and inside the rectum are enlarged. They usually cause discomfort in that area, they hurt and bleed too

Piles are basically to do with diet and in some cases they are spiritual which i highly doubt. While they can be painful and debilitating, piles do not usually pose any ongoing threat to health and can be self managed up to grade (iii) or (iv). Which leads me to the classification of piles


Grade i- they are small inflammations, usually inside the lining of the anus. They are not visible

Grade ii-these ones are larger than grade i but also remain inside the anus. They may get pushed out during pooping but will remain unaided

Grade iii– these are known as prolapses hemorrhoids and appear outside the anus. An individual can feel them hanging from the rectum, but they can easily be re-inserted

Grade iv- these cannot be pushed back and need treatment. They remain outside the anus. At this point, i will let it be known that this is the stage i am at.

There are internal piles and external piles. Internal piles are normally located between 2-4 centimeters above the opening of the anus and are more common type. External piles occur on the outside edge of the anus. Should i be glad to announce that i got external ones? Okay bye.


The following are the few causes of piles:


-dehydration which leads to constipation and increases the chances

-formation of tumor in the colon can result in the stagnation of blood which can lead to piles

-eating unhealthy foods and lack of fibre

-spending a long time trying to poop and forcing poop out

-sitting on hard surfaces

– weakening of the connective tissue in the rectum and anus that occurs with age

-hepatic disease


-rectul bleeding

-itching in the anal area and sense of discomfort

-pain when pooping

-protruding out of the anus

-hard and painful lump around the anus

Treatment, medication and how to take care of piles

In most cases piles resolve on their own without the need for any treatment. However some treatment can help significantly reduce the discomfort and itchiness that many people experience.

Keep the place clean always and wash with warm water. Do not forget to dry the place.

Apply zinc oxide or vaseline so that the region is not dry. Also vaseline helps so you wont feel the pain when pooping

Wear cotton underwear that is not tight

Drink water and eat fruits

Do not sit in one place for far too long

Take time when pooping and do not force

Painkillers, ointments, creams, pads, laxatives and corticosteroids are some of the things one with piles should always have.

Home remedies

Warm baths

Coconut oil- a natural moisturizer. Apply it to reduce irritation and swelling

Aloe vera- it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and helps heal wounds. Provide relief, itching and swelling. Apply it.

Icepack- apply on the piles to help relieve pain and inflammation. Sit on ice to help numb the pain

Fast facts

These are key points about piles-

-the size can vary and can be foundinside and outside the anus

-occur due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, straining when pooping

-can be graded on a scale from 1-4. From grade 3 or 4 may require surgery

Hope i have helped one or two people on this app. And also check on your kids, they might be affected.

Until im filthy rich ciao!