My African inspiration..

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(i) Dr Oliver Mtukudzi– need i say more about this legend. May his soul rest in peace. Affectionately known as Tuku by his Zimbabwean fans. He was a musician, businessman, philanthropist, human rights activist and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador for the Southern region. A great performing and recording artist. His music was enjoyed by people of different ages across the continent. For some of us who understood his lyrics, we related to his music in our day to day activities. He preached the bread and butter issues of the day. He was Zimbabwe’s renowned and internationally recognised cultural icon. I was inspired by the fact that i could listen and understand his music. I could relate to it….

(ii) Bonang Dorothy Matheba- popularly known as queen B, Bonang achieved a lot before she was even 30. She is a South African television presenter, author, radio personality, businesswoman, model, philanthropist, producer and actress all wrapped in one with a ribbon on it! She speaks class. I’m inspired by the fact that she was the first African to be the face of Revlon. The first international ambassador outside USA. Everything else followed but for me, thats what attracted me. She was also the first black South African to be featured on numerous magazines. She has achieved a lot of firsts in her life and is still going. Bonang was the furst South African to launch an online reality show, B’Dazzled and later a reality television show Being Bonang. Author of From A to B, a very colourful book about her journey from the beginning up to date. She recently launched her own line of sparkling wine, House of BNG.

Aint that enough for an inspiration? Yes? Okay!

(iii) Patrice Motsepe– if you are not inspired by rich men in life then we need to question your existence. Rich people inspire you to do more than you are doing already. Patrice Motsepe is a South African mining businessman and billionaire! Boom, im inspired. I love money lol. Money is enough to inspire me. The fact that he worked so hard to become what he is today means a lot to me (as if i know his personally). The founder of African Rainbow Minerals. In 2003 he became the owner of Mamelodi Sundowns club, rich people hobbies lol. In 2012 he was named the richest man in South Africa. These are the uncles we wish we had, not the ones we meet.

(iv) Former President Honourable Joyce Banda– former Malawian president who took over office after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika. She was president from 7 April 2012 to 31 May 2014. Founder and leader of People’s Party, Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006-2009 before she became Vice President. She was Malawi’s fourth president and first female president ans first female vice president of Malawi, first female president in Africa. Now thats what i call a Queen!

(v) Wangari Mathaii- born on 1st April 1940 and died on 25th September 2001. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

She was a Kenyan social environmental and political activist . The first woman to win Nobel Prize . She founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977, an organisation focused on the planting of trees, environmental conservation and women rights

These are just five of my inspirations in Africa.

Who inspires you?


#Day7 My favourite Apps

#WinterABC #30DayChallenge #MyApps

Hey guys!

If you been with me since day 1 (though i dont participate daily) thank you for being loyal and sticking around. And if you just joined, welcome to Keeping Up With Mbadalet.

So today’s challenge, 5 application on my phone that i cant do without? Its kinda hard for me to just choose 5 because i find every application i downloaded useful. I just had to choose the ones i use on a daily basis.


For word search, reference. I refer to Google like 100 times a day. Its an important app for me


This is work related. For my emails.


For when i want to take a load off and just burn some fat i just log in on this app. Its got all the humour i can ever want. Also business.


Cheapest and easiest way of communication, especially with relatives.


My video dictionary! Its got everything from tutorials to jokes. Music videos and skits. Yonk’ into!

Im an easy being when it comes to these apps.

Happy blogging yall💕

Day 5 My Business

#WinterABC #MyBusiness

If i had money i would build my own radio station. I love music so I’ve said this before and still will say it. Money is the only thing thats stopping most of us from doing things that we dream of.

I’ve seen talent. I’ve met talent out there. All i want is to bring such talent under one roof and start our own station.

I know its a crazy dream but well..its all i want.

Happy first week of June💕

Three Things I Would Do For No Pay

#WinterABC #30DayChallengeKhloe

Kardashian is one person i admire. Bonang Matheba is an inspiration. But to me they recently did one of the things that i love. Travelled! We can never take away the fact that they both have the means and money to travel to any part of the world, on business or pleasure. Bonang was in Prague looking all glammed up and all for some award event and Koko was posting pics of herself and her daughter in Bali. Bonang also happens to be a presenter! Damn i feel like me and her have so much in common.

When i saw this, i just thought of my country. Zimbabwean economy has been on rock bottom for some time that most of us wouldn’t consider volunteering to do anything for free. I mean the economy is bad you cant blame anyone. Three is not a lot for me so i think i will try. So here goes÷

(i) Charity work

Ask anyone who knows if i ever think twice about charity work. If you ever want to kidnap me but dont know how to just pretend you want me to be part of your initiative. Its one of the things i will never stop doing, even in my next life. When i am asked what i do, its one of the first things i list down. I am proud of me doing charity work.Helping those in need, the vulnerable one and less fortunate ones is all I’ve ever dreamt of. I might not have enough resources and means but i try my best with wherever i have. I dont expect to be paid for it because my reward comes from God. Being alive and being able to do charity is reward enough and im thankful.I’ve worked with friends and family, individuals and organisations on different initiatives and it has been quite a journey. I discovered that when you are doing something you love, without anyone forcing you, you tend to put your all and do it with love. You perfect it. This happens a lot with me

(ii) Radio presenting

I was walking home one day, minding my own. Dani called me. She wanted to have a little chat with me

Her:” girl, i heard you on radio”Me: me?

Her: yes you! And your mum told us even before so we had to listen in.

Me: doing what?

Her: news reading

Me: oh

This is how i kinda discovered my dream. I wasnt sure it was but my mum believed in me before i even believed in myself.Well…ive done it before and can still do it. For free! Its one of my passions. And i have a voice for it. Face for television and voice for radio. Forgive me if i sound like im blowing my horns too much but im sure i have a beautiful voice. I’ve loved the radio. Growing up i fancied listening to the radio more than i loved watching television. Its not like i knew i wanted to be a radio person. All i knew is i loved music. So given the opportunity to be on radio, in any country, i would be. For free even.

(iii) Travel

In case you didn’t know, there are people who travel the world and get paid for it. Yes. I would do that, the difference is i wouldn’t want to be paid. Adventure is fun! Engaging in fun activities. Bunjee jumping, sky diving, mud pool, game drive, go-karting, etc. Who would want to be paid for such fun activities? Who would demand payment for travelling to see the waters on the Maldives coast? Why would you even think of payment when you are enjoying life in Turks and Caicos? Coz i wouldn’t. Im all about the fun life.

The good thing about travelling is, you learn a lot. Culture exchange and religious experience. Food tasting and even weather is different in all the five continents. Experience different taste and flavours. See what God made in different angles. See animals and water, trees and flowers, sunrise and sunsets. All that for free!

So for me three things i would do for free are :Presenting ,Charity work and Traveling!

Hope you love what i love. If you do then me and you are automatically friends!Happy June yall…

Day 1 #WinterABC

You lot have been doing great things through blogging, changing lives and inspiring souls and i been seated outchea cheering for yall and just admiring, thinking “maybe one day i will be bold enough to start my own journey”. You lot have been changing the world and bringing like minds together through different blogging platforms. Write individuals! Yes im talking about you. Yes you! If you were not part of these marvellous individuals you wouldn’t have bothered taking your precious time to read this small post of mine. Just know that you lot have inspired some of us to come out of our comfort zones and just try this all out. If it wasn’t for you, Yes you darhling, i wouldn’t have had the courage to start my own blog. So thank you…

Forgive me, where are my manners?

Hey yall, in case you didn’t check out my introductory post , im Mbadalet. I am new here and all i can say is so far so good. Its not a bad experience after all. I dont even know why it took me so long to even begin but the good thing is i did.

So i decided to take part in this AfroBloggers 30 day blogging challenge #WinterABC. Actually it wasnt my idea. One of my favourite bloggers here, Beaton, encouraged me to take part and i just thought, what the heck!

Is this the part i pledge that i will not disappoint you? Well i cant promise you that. I wont promise you that i will participate daily because i wont…but what i can guarantee you is that i will stop by here and there to just drop one or two posts and just say hi to yall. I am a beginner so bear with me loved ones, and be nice to me and be patient with my progress. Since im new here im more than glad to be shown around too😊

I suck at introductions and these commitments. I dont know what i should have posted on this post. I hope im not going the opposite direction. But then who cares if i am

Since we got guiding topics im sure it’s not going to be as twice as hard as it usually is for me to come up with my own heading. Im glad i dont have to crack my head in that department

Also in case you might question, im not one of those people who post long write ups. I run out of ideas so i end up writing short and not usually straight to the point articles. I also do not use deep English. I use simple English that i understand. Is this the part i use the phrase “i am a simpleton”? I dont even know what that means..anyway what im saying is i won’t impress yall with big terms or beautiful phrases coz i know none! I guess i should say i write for laymen.

Im glad i decided to be part of this challenge. Here’s hoping i will learn a lot from you lot. Not sure you will learn anything from me since im new here (i will be new here till im a seasoned blogger)

Happy winter and Happy blogging! Hope we all enjoy @Afrobloggers

I found ME…

I used to be a nice and understanding person. I would put everyone else before myself. I would value other people’s needs before i valued mine. I used to love more thinking that if i love him more maybe he will love me better. I would care even when no-one cared about me. I used to please every jack and jill before i pleased me. I worried about other people’s wellbeing more than i ever did mine. I trusted more than i should have.

I lost myself in trying to be what people wanted me to be. I lost my love in all this. I lost the trust i had in people. I stood for people more than i should have. Until i read a quote that said “you dont always have to be the nice person. Dont always allow people to step on you because you are nice. Be mean sometimes to protect you. Love yourself more and do everything in your interest

Until i discovered that i should attend to my needs more than anything else. I should love me more than i have been doing. I should care for my heart more than anyone can. I should take care of me even in the hardest of time. I should rely on me more than i rely on people. The energy i shall receive is the same energy I will give.

Discovered that Its okay to cry when i feel heavy. I should let go when its not working. I should walk away from dead relationships and friendships. I should give myself credit when necessary. I should celebrate my achievements.

I found me. I found happiness in all this. I am happy now. So here’s to Me!

From today I will be mean. I will love less. I will pay less attention. Allow me to even ignore you. Allow me to be as mean as i can. Bye to the old me

I am the girl that found herself❣

Still learning…

When i started here, just a few days or weeks ago, i promised myself that i would share something every Monday. Mind you, when it comes to keeping promises, im like a 6/10. Yeah dont roll your eyes, noone is perfect under the sun. I try, but i have a problem of forgetting. So if i ever promised you anything and i didn’t deliver, just know that i forgot. Forget it also and let it go lol.

So about the promise i made to myself, here’s what happened-

I went all out to write my first official post on a Saturday. On Sunday edited and added more flavour. Since it was my first post i had to proof read. When i finished i looked at it and felt proud of me coz i am not a writer and the non-writer in me felt proud of the nonsense that i was about to share with yall. Pressed save to drafts and i nicely put my phone away.

Monday! I couldn’t find thy draft. Infact there was nothing in the drafts folder! The article was gone. But i had saved it? What was this now? I had no time to write another long article because of other pressing commitments, so i ended up not sharing. I was disappointed but i just told myself “this is what happens when you’re still learning”. Im all new here. I have no idea what im doing and if ever i will do it right but im ready to try. Im not even sure if i should do this but well…Im ready to learn. I know i will never be on Makaitah’s level or can never be Makupsy or Thembi (these three do it for me. Perfect bloggers) but im here to be me and just share my nonsense and go. Maybe one day, one day someone will find my nonsense intriguing. Until that day…i will keep on learning.

You learn everyday. You learn from people or even Apps like this one that swallowed my first official post. I had to humble myself and go back to ask other bloggers how its done coz we dont know it all in life and we arent perfect. Some are willing to learn, some arent and some do not know how to. Some admit that they do not know, some dont and others will never know.

In this life we’re lifelong students, we learn till we die. Im glad i started this coz now i get the opportunity to learn from this app and other like minded people. And i also get to go around telling people im a blogger (even if i know im not, now i get to say “you can check my blog”)

So here’s to many days of learning and not posting coz i cant find my article. Here’s to posting nonsense because im not a writer and im new (i will remain new here till i perfect my art). Here’s to many days of trying and coping. Here’s to having a great time. I wont care about views much or likes coz i prolly wont get any but here’s to sharing anyway.

Im ready to make more mistakes. They are part of learning. Im ready to fail more. Im ready to, Jump in. Be scared. Keep on! I just want to prove to myself mostly that im not a quitter.

Till next time, as i will still be trying to figure out how to deal with this app, stay blessed lovers.